St Marks Rise Living Room

St Marks Rise

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This was my very first show home(s) clean project. Started off as simply cleaning 1 show home a few hours a week and very quickly turned into a constant build clean.

Long story short, it was chaos. Never seen anything like it.

10 properties on site. Ending up with 3 show homes? Bit bizarre and trades constantly complaining … it was exhausting being there.

Managed to stick it out for 8 days over 3 weeks.

The show homes turned out amazing after the designers went in. That was the best part doing the final deep cleans and sparkles when they had finished.

Stunning decorations by very talented young designers of show homes hiding poor build quality in places. Even though the actual furniture, fittings, appliances and carpets etc., where very high quality.

Trades walking in and out with muddy boots after decoration all over expensive thick grey wool carpets, it was a mad house.

Nonetheless an experience. Actually made me want to become a site manager because of it (ha ha…. one day!).

Final day for me was 3rd September 2020. Would be interested to see how far they have come as completion planned for Feb 2021.

Will have to take a drive past when next down Dursley way.

Pictures are mine. Shame I didnt take any of the completed show home but only sparkled that one a few hours a week.

This one I worked on from start to finish. Which ironically is right next door to the first show home? Bit weird, but what do i know?

St Marks Rise

St Marks Rise Show Home Loft Bedroom

St Marks Kitchen

St Marks Childs Room

St Marks Carpet

St Marks WC

St Marks Living Room

St Marks Living Room 2

St Marks Living Room 3

Getting there …

St Marks Dining Room

St Marks Living Room 5

St Marks Dining Table

St Marks Rug



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